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Get to Know Romie

Right Choice Foundation, Inc. is different from all other organizations that focus on underprivileged and at risk young adults. CEO and founder, Romie Graham, grew up as one of these kids who struggled in life as an underprivileged and at-risk youth.


Romie was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but was adopted from Jamaica at a young age where he moved to the United States of America. Romie had to move to a new country and learn to assimilate with a new culture as well, which presented many roadblocks to his success and comfort at such a young age. Romie’s journey is like so many of our young men and women that we work with in Right Choice Foundation, Inc. Romie faced many challenges and adversities in his lifetime where he had to learn everything on his own. He had no male role models, and he had to navigate the world of education on his own trying to ensure his success in life.


Romie made his way through education with the help of his coaches, due to his love of football, and also by his tenacity to learn and his drive to be successful. Romie became the first person in his family to go to college. He went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Physical and Health Education, and he also received a Masters of Science in Allied Health. Romie knows that without education and the support of his mentors, he would not be where he is today. Romie wants to be able to provide this same support and guidance to the young men and women that are in desperate need of it to pay it forward so that he can assist in making more people successful in life whatever their path may be.

Romie grew up not seeing many successful men or women of color who were not athletes, actors, or famous, so Romie wants to be able to be that mentor with a story of success for those underprivileged and at-risk young adults in the Cleveland area. Romie can provide that real-life success story for the students in our area to show that it really can happen for them by being a role model for them to have as a mentor and a guide.

Romie’s most recent occupation has been that of a Linkage Coordinator for the Garfield Heights High School in Garfield Heights City Schools. Within this role, Romie has successfully assisted forty students in receiving diplomas that might not have received one without his assistance and guidance. Romie has formed many relationships both professional and personal that have aided him in making the decision to form a non-profit organization to support and guide young adults with backgrounds similar to his so he can eliminate the barriers that were put in his way in order that they may have an easier way in life and a successful future.  It has become apparent to Romie that with his current position as Linkage Coordinator, he is not impacting as many young adults as he knows he can. He has decided to take his work to a broader level. Romie plans to take this non-profit work and grow it into a national organization to be able to help as many young adults as he possibly can.

Above everything else, Romie is proudest of his three children: Madacyn, Romie, Jr. (RJ), and Randall and also being married to his beautiful wife Samantha.

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