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Mr. Graham is an excellent role model for students. He’s always professional and very kind. He goes above and beyond, for his students. Mr. Graham always have an open-door policy where the students can talk to him about anything. 

My daughter was a part of Students of Promise for four years. She has been on many educational trips to HBCU’S, to Atlanta, Kentucky, Cavs games, family bowling, just to name a few. 

During the pandemic 2020 he called to check on her to let her reassuring her that she can call him with anything. I always felt safe knowing my daughter was in good hands. It was a great honor that my daughter was able to have Mr. Graham as her counselor/mentor.



Parent of a Student 

From the day that I met Mr. Graham he has shown me that tough love that I needed, gave me a role model and someone who I could see a lot of myself in and see that person successful.


During the time I was in high school Graham and I have built up a lifetime relationship because he shown me love and held me accountable for everything, in such a teaching way nobody else had ever taken the time with me to do. As I went through many struggles at home and in school during my last 2 high school years


Mr. graham helped me stay the course and graduate on time no matter how many times I would come to him and tell him I was ready to quit.  He really cares about anyone he comes in contact with and if you build the relationship with him, he will be family forever.

Former Student

Since meeting Mr. Graham my junior year of high school in 2017 he has been one of the BEST mentor’s I’ve ever had. He encourages all of his students to be the greatest version of themselves. His patience, assertiveness, and his loving/ caring attitude is the reason for his greatness. 


Mr.Graham is such an amazing and influential light in the lives of the youth he has met. I am currently a graduating senior at Walsh University, and I wouldn’t have known of Walsh if it wasn’t for Mr. Graham. He helped me with my acceptance to the University, fast forward three and a half years later I am proud to say that Mr. Graham has been one of the most influential people in my life and he continues to inspire all of us. 


Former Student

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Graham since my daughter was in the 8th grade. He is more than a teacher he's an inspiration to my daughter. With his guidance and motivation my daughter is on the right track with her future. The support he gives a single parent is awesome the compassion that he has for leading these kids to be successful is unbelievable. I am honored for his dedication to not just my daughter but to all students. Thank you, Mr., Graham!

Parent of a Student

I've been an administrator for a long time, and I can honestly say that Romie is one of the most dedicated and caring individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. He always goes above and beyond for the students and families that he works with to ensure that they have what they need to be successful. Anyone that has the pleasure of working with Romie, or even knowing him, has been blessed. I am positive that whatever work Romie is connected with or leading will be successful.


School Administrator

Mr. Graham, or Romie as most people call him, is a person who cares about people. I first met Romie four years ago when he took over the Students of Promise Program at Garfield Heights High School.


Romie is a positive individual who seeks to show students the options and opportunities that lie before them Romie assists students and staff with his positive attitude, feverish work ethic, eye for innovation. Romie constantly builds on proven principles, wrapped with a new individual centered 21st century approach. He is a man who cares about community, country and world.


High School Teacher 

During my second year of college football, I had the great pleasure of being coached by Coach Graham. I will always refer to him as Coach Graham even as I had worked with him at Warrensville. Coach Graham was one of the most supportive people I have ever met. He encouraged and pushed us to be our best. I know our wide receivers looked up to him as a role model.  One of his best evidences of a role model came at Warrensville came when he led the team to their first ever playoff victory. The joy expressed by his players cannot be summarized in a short statement. I hope whoever reads this knows the Coach Graham always has the child's best interest in mind. 

Former Player/Colleague

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