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Right Choice Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that serves underprivileged and at-risk young adults of Cleveland, Ohio by providing resources, mentorships, and after high school support to find right fit jobs, training for trade positions, and/or help with the process of college selection and placement.

Our Vision

We aim to provide resources to motivated youth so they can connect with hard to find opportunities. We work with partners that place an emphasis on equality and inclusion for all. 

We value putting the much-needed resources, academic, social emotional supports, and any lacking need in the reach of our at-risk youth. We have some action as to how we make this work with our partners and youth that we serve. Please click below to see what Right Choice Foundation, Inc has to offer. 


Parent of a Student 

Mr. Graham is an excellent role model for students. He’s always professional and very kind. He goes above and beyond, for his students. Mr. Graham always has an open-door policy where the students can talk to him about anything. 

Former Student.

From the day that I met Mr. Graham he has shown me that tough love that I needed, gave me a role model and someone who I could see a lot of myself in and see that person successful. During the time I was in high school Graham and I have built up a lifetime relationship because he shown me love and held me accountable for everything, in such a

Former Student

Since meeting Mr. Graham my junior year of high school in 2017 he has been one of the BEST mentor’s I’ve ever had. He encourages all of his students to be the greatest version of themselves. His patience, assertiveness, and his loving/ caring attitude is the reason Mr.Graham is such an amazing and influential light in the lives of the youth he has met

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